Spring 2019

Preparing for the Lenten Journey 


  • Sunday Feb. 24 in Guelph


  • Saturday March 2 in Guelph

"I very much enjoyed the insights with the Gospel Contemplations with the three gospels that we were challenged to be open to with the Spirit.  I did learn about what is in my soul and how to bring it forth to help me express what is authentic in our lives.  I learned that what a prophet says is sometimes a loving message from God to help us move forward.  

This has been a wonderful experience."

Retreatant, 2019

"The Week of Guided Prayer is always a rich opportunity for me to go deeper in my relationship with God, and gives me valuable tools for integrating that into my life and relationships. This year, I arrived at the Week with a troublesome  "stuckness" in a primary relationship, not knowing how to move forward.  My Prayer Guide skillfully gave me a "new window" of perspective which freed me in brand-new ways.  

I am very grateful!"

M.J., 2019


What is the Week of Guided Prayer and Spiritual Exploration?

The Week of Guided Prayer and Spiritual Exploration is an opportunity for people to learn more about prayer and explore their spirituality, and is an experiential event.

Guided prayer and spiritual exploration are not reading about God, but developing, deepening and exploring a relationship with God.  Listening, reflection and awareness are at the heart of this week.

During the week you will be paired with an experienced guide who will suggest specific ways to meet God meaningfully, and guide you in various spiritual practices. 

The week is a gift you give to yourself and God.

What to Expect

You will meet daily for about 30 minutes with your guide, who will provide you with scripture passages, poems or stories, art activities and/or meditations for you to explore or pray with at home between meetings.

During this special retreat time you may wish to journal or capture your experiences in some way, and share as you wish with your guide.

Your confidential meetings with your guide are held in sacred trust, with the purpose of developing, deepening and exploring your relationship with God.,


It costs $35.00 to participate in the Week of Guided Prayer and Spiritual Exploration.

Join Us!

Develop, deepen and explore a relationship with God

Experiment with specific ways to meet God meaningfully

Share with an experienced guide

It's different for everyone.  It's between you and God.


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