We hope these testimonials provide some sense of the experience that the Week of Guided Prayer offers. We have identified the denominations of the folks who have provided quotations to honour the many gifts of the ecumenical nature of the week. 

Thank you to everyone who has provided a testimonial. If you wish to add to our collection please email [email protected]
"This week for me was rewarding, at first it seemed as if was was going to be a long time - but it was amazing how fast it went by and in such a short time became such a blessing." 2012 Participant

"The week of guided prayer was one of the most important life giving things I've ever done. It opened many doors for me in my life. I felt that at the time I had hit a brick wall. My life was at a point that I hadn't given God much to work with, but He saw otherwise. It was an important journey that I am still on and that through it I have found abundance, joy and peace. I marvel at the infinite ways God is able to transform my life when I open myself to Him and His love. 
The week of guided prayer was a first step through a door which I walked that has lead to many blessings in my life such as: healing to relationships in my family, my actively pursuing my art, caregiving to my mother who has been ill for a number of years, a loving marriage and many many blessings far too many to list. 
 It is a journey that I would recommend to anyone." Michelle M (Participant)

"I was more than a bit uneasy on the first day of my Week of Guided Prayer.  I had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me.  What I can say is that it was a life-altering experience.  I discovered that prayer isn?t so much a one-way process of thanking God or requesting forgiveness and understanding, but a multi-dimensional means of opening and deepening my relationship with God.  The time I spent with my Prayer Guide was illuminating, to say the least, as we explored new prayer channels and methods of finding scripture that directly related to my life, my questions and my needs.  The Week of Guided Prayer brought me to a deep and unfaltering realization that God is not an omnipotent being separated from my human experience, but rather a quietly powerful and constant presence in my daily life.  The week was challenging ? mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and I highly recommend it to everyone.   My new consciousness of God?s infinite presence and a desire to continuously grow the relationship has brought me a very deep inner peace and self-awareness."  Margot Thompson (Participant - Independent Church)

 "I have to admit I was a reluctant retreatant! Some of my friends had signed up so I thought I would try it out. I will always be thankful to my very patient guide who stuck with me. In the end I had an amazing experience, something I will always carry with me. I learned a way to relate to scripture that cut straight to my heart in a way I'd never felt before. Very simple, very powerful, very wonderful." M.L (Participant - Catholic)

 "I walk on holy ground every time I am invited into someone's spiritual life.  I am humbled and stand in awe of the courage and honesty retreatants bring to the Week of Guided Prayer.  I am deeply gifted with revelation when a retreatant shares their experiences of God because I am listening to living scriptures - someone's journey with God.  My years of guiding have deeply impressed upon me the incredible intimacy, creativity and faithfulness with which God pursues each of us.   I have witnessed over and over again that no matter where we have been, where we are right now or where we are hoping to be, God desires to be in a unique relationship with each of us.  As a guide I play a minor role -I offer a listening ear, some tools and companionship on the journey.  The lead characters are the retreatant and God in the exquisite love story of Divinity in relation with humanity."
 April Snider (Guide - Catholic/Baptist)