We hope these testimonials provide some sense of the experience that the Week of Guided Prayer offers. We have identified the denominations of the folks who have provided quotations to honour the many gifts of the ecumenical nature of the week. 

Thank you to everyone who has provided a testimonial. If you wish to add to our collection please email [email protected]

     "If you are looking for an answer to a question or guidance from God or simply a deepening of your relationship with God, I highly recommend the Week of Guided Prayer.  I found it deeply enriching and would recommend it to anyone who is feeling called to grow their prayer life."  Participant, 2022

     "It was a week of creativity, a week of imagination, a week of discovery, a week of surprises, a week of delight, a week of deep listening and deep sharing."  HT Daly, Participant, 2019

"A week to discover God through meditation, creativity, one-to-one direction and rest."  Participant, 2022

"   "The Week of Guided Prayer provides an intentional space daily with a spiritual director to become closer with Jesus' love through Scripture and quiet reflective space."  Catherine E., Participant, 2022

  "  "This guided week of prayer experience was deeply rewarding.  It introduced me to some spiritual writers I hadn't read before and their passages touched deep into my core."  Marilyn T-P, Participant, 2022


     "The week of guided prayer was one of the most important life giving things I've ever done. It opened many doors for me in my life.  It is a journey that I would recommend to anyone." Michelle M ,Participant

"I discovered that prayer isn't so much a one-way process of thanking God or requesting forgiveness and understanding, but a multi-dimensional means of opening and deepening my relationship with God.  My new consciousness of God's infinite presence and a desire to continuously grow the relationship has brought me a very deep inner peace and self-awareness."  Margot Thompson, Participant

"I walk on holy ground every time I am invited into someone's spiritual life.   As a guide I play a minor role -I offer a listening ear, some tools and companionship on the journey.  The lead characters are the retreatant and God in the exquisite love story of Divinity in relation with humanity."  April Snider, Guide